Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Aryan Invasion Theory in action

Many years ago, when I was still invited to semi-diplomatic Cocktail parties in London, I displayed a Gandhian skill in Satyagraha- a Saintly patience, a Socratic persistence, in struggling towards the Truth- that Truth being that all White people- at least, those with posh accents and double-barreled surnames- are actually second generation immigrants from Jalandhar. This was in line with  hard-line South Indian Hindutva thinking re. the Aryan Invasion Theory at the time and often resulted in other guests forming a tight but highly mobile phalanx, in the corner farthest from me, all vigilantly seeking to evade my slower moving peripatetics of inquisition.

Something similar, it seems to me, has happened to everything else. To my knowledge, this is the only conclusive proof that the Twentieth Century never actually happened.

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