Friday, 1 June 2012

Happy VJ Day!

   Indian Independence Day, I have recently come to learn, is celebrated in the West as VJ Day.

  Manmohan (aka Man Mouse) Singh has departed from longstanding protocol- an unwarranted departure in my view- not by omitting to make some tasteful allusion to this happy coincidence when called upon in his official capacity to respond to routine felicitations from World leaders on August 14, but by congratulating them in a manner neither adequately effusive nor of mandated vociferousness, upon the shining splendor of their own Veejays that too, mealy mouthed little man that he is, only when 'geographically & gender appropriate'.

  As so often happens under this Administration, behind this sinister departure from hallowed Hindu tradition, we dismaying discern the fine Italian hand of Sonia Gandhi.

   Ramesh Jairam, on the other hand, far from being remiss in terms of offering VJ day felicitation to all and sundry, regardless of sex, just is a great big VJ, that's all. Actually, so is Chidambaram. But, spectacles on a VJ is always funny. Rahul Gandhi, please note.

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PK Chidambaram said...

VJ day was chosen by Lord Mountbatten, the Viceroy of India, to commemorate the contribution of VJays to the Freedom struggle.
It is not a Hindu custom. Manmohan Singh is a Sikh not a Manuvad fanatic like you.
Incidentally, Jairam Ramesh is the officially recorded version of the name of the VJ you mention. You are using the Tamil form which shows your parochialism.