Saturday, 30 June 2012

Neeray aa- Farhad Humayun nearing Freddy Mercury

A young Pakistani friend has sent me a link to this fabulous rock-video by Overload.

The sound has been optimized for mid-range 5 or 7.1 systems in a manner that makes this addictive. Queen spent a lot of money and were very innovative in their time.  The  sound Coke Studio is delivering, that too through Youtube!,  feels  amazing to ordinary blokes with Value systems- I have an Onkyo 507 with Canton speakers for my bed room big screen and this sounds better than anything on my wannabe audiophile Home Cinema set up. Thus, this is something I can relish without constantly being reminded of the budgetary and other compromises- peculiar to the bedroom- incumbent on incipient middle age.

Farhad Humayan has some of the Mercurial quality of Firdaus Bulsara- aka, Freddy Mecury. Good luck to him and Coke Studio Pakistan. And please shoot Rachel Viccaji in the head.  You know you want to. I mean, if it happened at a polo match or tent pegging or pig sticking gymkhana, every Officer and Gentleman present would have had their revolver out of their Sam Browne belt quicker than you could say 'Neeray Aaa'.


Vijay Rana said...

Watched the video- it's the same guy. Maybe he put in blue contacts and, obviously, painted on ribs and six pack etc but it's the same guy.

What is he saying?

windwheel said...

@ Vijay- Fuck you're right.
I'm actually blasting this out on max coz my downstairs neighbors just moved out.

I can't remember when I last blasted out a desi track.
The hawk like scream in the middle of this is too cool for words.
Got to say this sounds great on my canton speakers. Really well recorded. Clearly Pakistan belongs to A.R Rahman and is therefore part of Tamil Nadu.