Friday, 20 April 2012

Gandhian lamb chops

Customer reviews of Mahatma Gandhi


I was puzzled by this comment, made by Keith of Ilford, regarding Mahatma Gandhi- 'I could have mended boots with the lamb. I have never had such tough meat.' 
Surely Mahatma Gandhi, as a sort of Holy Cow, should be regarded as beef, not lamb? 
True, he drank goat's milk and thus might count as mutton but why refer to his flesh as lamb rather than chicken? 
The answer to my conundrum, as so happens on these occasions, was easily supplied by Google.

 Both Pandit Nehru and Moulana Azad were meat eaters and smokers, and whenever they went together to Gandhi's Ashram, Gandhi asked his wife, Kasturbai, to cook lamb chops because Moulana was very fond of them. She hated doing so because she was a strict vegetarian, but Gandhi told her, 'If you do not cook lamb chops for Maulana you will be doing him violence because he likes it.' But Nehru was expected to eat only vegetarian food. So you had Maulana and Nehru sitting next to each other, with Maulana eating his lamb chops and Nehru salivating at the thought but not getting any himself. Similarly Nehru would never smoke in Gandhi's presence, whereas Maulana would light up a cigar, apparently unaware of the fact that this irritated the old man's throat. Never once did Gandhi protest or ask Maulana to desist as he felt that to do so would be an act of violence.
(Lord Bhikhu Parekh is the source)
Ever since Kasturba died, however, it appears Mahatma Gandhi has had to cook the lamb himself and the results have not pleased Mr. Keith of Ilford. Personally, I blame David Cameron. I've said it before and I'll say it again. That boy aint right. 

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