Friday, 9 December 2011

Debbie does Dharamsala- Tibetan Tulkus & Tantric Sex Slaves.

As a kid in Sikkim, my Mum often warned me about White women. They were probably anthropologists who might mistake me for a pygmy of some as yet undiscovered tribe and try to have sex with me. In Papua New Guinea, or Irian Jaya or some such place, an American Anthropologist had tracked down an tiny wrinkled old man in the Jungle and begun raping him while claiming to be married to him. The Indonesian army managed to drag her off him and repatriate her to the U.S. True, Hope Cooke and George Orwell's friend who married Kazi Lendup Dorjee, weren't actually guilty of rape. But, they weren't feminist academics either. At least they didn't write serious feminist books.

Not so, June Campbell who became a Buddhist nun and slept with some smelly old man. This was a clear case of abuse because ...urm... he was a Tibetan monk rather than some random dude from the homeless shelter and she wasn't drunk off her head or only doing it coz she lost a bet or something. The question that Feminism must face is why smelly old fuckwits from far away places still want to stick their dicks into vaginas?

The answer it turns out is 'because of the deep Power ditopology of the 14 dimensional interaction of the Patriarchical peristalsis of the Post-Kristevan Chora and all men are shits and gimme tenure already.'

This is from the article in the Independent previously linked to- my comments in bold.

' To outsiders, the Rinpoche was one of the most revered yogi-lamas in exile outside Tibet.  To outsiders, the Ratcathcer or whatever was some  smelly old fuckwit charlatan refugee from some place nobody every heard of. As abbot of his own monastery, he had taken vows of celibacy and was celebrated for having spent 14 years in solitary retreat. Smelly homeless guy was a Doctor or Witch Doctor or whatever back in his smelly old homeland but basically the guy was a smelly homeless dude of some foreign sort so DON'T GIVE HIM A FUCKING BLOW JOB. Among his students were the highest-ranking lamas in Tibet.  This smelly old dude who kept getting BJs off our June had students as perverted as himself amongst the highest ranking perverts back wherever.  "His own status was unquestioned in the Tibetan community," said Ms Campbell, "and his holiness attested to by all." 
The inner circles of the world of Tibetan Buddhism - for all its spread in fashionable circles in the West - is a closed and tight one. As opposed to Ms Campbell's. Her claims, though made in a restrained way- 'Debbie does Dharamsala' not having quite the right ring-  in the context of a deeply academic book subtitled "In Search of Female Identity in Tibetan Buddhism", provoked what she described as a primitive outpouring of rage and fury. "I was reviled as a liar or a demon," she said during a public lecture last week at the non-sectarian College for Buddhist Studies in Sharpham, Devon. "In that world he was a saintly figure. It was like claiming that Mother Teresa was involved in making porn movies."
But it was not fear of the response which made her wait a full 18 years before publishing her revelations in a volume entitled Traveller in Space - a translation of dakini, the rather poetic Tibetan word for a woman used by a lama for sex. It took her that long to get over the trauma of the experience. "I spent 11 years without talking about it and then, when I had decided to write about it, another seven years researching. I wanted to weave together my personal experience with a more theoretical understanding of the role of women in Tibetan society to help me make sense of what had happened to me."

Frankly, the amazing thing is that the smelly old dude in question wasn't totally bent and didn't weep tears of blood on being confronted by a vag. 
Monasteries just aren't good places for heterosexual males to spend their whole fucking lives. They're great for butt sex or no sex, but if what your genes want you to do is to get with a vag, then they can seriously fuck you up.
But, Campbell's Monk didn't get her preggers- so still kind of missing the point about vaginas, Holy Tibetan dude.  What makes them super special is that's where babies come from. And trying to help your kids with their Homework will soon disabuse you of any notion you might have that you're  'enlightened' or don't need to a second mortgage on your after-life to pay for College what with the way tuition fees keep going up.
 For which, personally, I blame David Cameron. That boy aint right.

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Vasu said...

Now the real Buddhist question is whether the reincarnated kalu rinpoche remembers if he banged june campbell in his former life.