Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tall leaders and the Tropical forest's emergent layer.

/India needs 'tall leaders'. Not physically tall. In Indglish 'tall leader' means something quite different. What?

I suppose Indian political life, to us pygmies at ground zero, is like a tropical rain forest where trees compete for the light by growing taller and taller with the result that the forest canopy is so far above the dark, dank, and inhospitable forest floor, that it has its own micro-climate and mini ecology. Yet towering above even the forest canopy is the 'emergent layer'- of,  stand alone, exceptionally tall trees. Why are they there? What evolutionarily stable strategy do they serve? The answer is that this emergent layer, these exceptionally tall trees, are vital to the forest's ability to renew itself. How so? They create Light, renew Life- but only when they topple over, being internally rotten, and clear a space on the forest floor.

A pygmy, I can't see the Canopy, let alone the Emergent Layer
Yet, Thou, Tropical, Aorist, Thee address in Topical Prayer
That you too, my Indglish readers, pray for Leaders yet more tall
For all Light and Life, in our Forest, from is but their fall.

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