Tuesday, 9 August 2011

No riots in North End Road- I blame the burqa

Why have we in Fulham been denied adequate riot provision? Not all the blame can be pinned on the Police you know. At the risk of being labelled an Islamophobe and attracting the attention of the Director of Public Prosecutions for inciting hatred against Muslims- I have to point out that the large number of women wearing burqas in our area constitute, in fact, the sole reason that rioters have been too terrified to exercise their God given rights to burn buses and loot Foot Locker.

The truth is that 'hoodies- despite all the psychological support they received from David Cameron's 'hug a hoodie' campaign-  are terrified of burqa wearing women- who cover even more of their face and, clearly, are even more homicidal. Why else would France and Belgium and all the other cheese-eating surrender monkeys have already banned the burqa?

Where is the English Defence League when you need it? The shocking numbers of women wearing burqas in Hammersmith and Kensington is totally destroying our traditional culture. Many youths are too frightened to go out of doors even to burn Police vans.

Personally, I blame Theresa May- whose face was unknown to most of us till the other night . Clearly she had taken off her burqa for some purpose of shock and awe. But that didn't stop David Cameron coming back to hug his hoodies some more.

Hopefully, now Parliament has been re-convened, we can finally get that burqa ban we've all been waiting for which will bring us in line with Europe and permit hoodies in Fulham to at last roam free.

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