Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lord Krishna and Caste

There is a four fold order to Society-
1) Priests- nowadays, they're called Celebrities. They are shit. Lord Krishna says that the Vedas are utter shit. They bewilder and stupefy the mind- shrutivipratipanna. They give rise to divergent sects with contradictory teachings in accordance with the principle ex falso quodlibet., Gita too is a Scriture. Indeed, anything with a celebrity endorsement is shite. Incidentally, according to the Hare Krishna comic books, Lord Krishna is a Smurf.
2) Kings- guys with power. They are shit. Krishna has taken birth to get these guys to just bump each other off cleanly at Kurukshtetra.
3) Wealth creators. They are shit. Fuck 'em. Taxes and ungrateful, unemployable, kids with M.F.A's are their punishment.
4) Workers. They are shat upon. They are fucked. It's their fault the other three classes exist.

Below and above these 5 categories are criminals, lunatics, charity cases and Robinson Crusoe types. Talk of Dharma, Religion, Morality, Human Rights etc. should actually be a stick in their hands to beat the other 4 classes with- but, no, guess who is getting the beating?

Lord Krishna only needs to incarnate if Society exhibits the 4 fold order noted above. Suppose it doesn't. Fuck he'd be needed for? Equally, in a Hobbesian state of each man's hand being turned against every other- fuck Krishna needs to be scooting around the killing fields?

The good news is Lord Krishna thinks caste stinks. He isn't big on mindless Human prosperity either. Getting incarnated on Earth just aint a lot of fun for him. What the Gita says is if you're a fucking Prince, or Priest or other such ponce the best you can do is not actually want to be such a cunt. Not want the trappings of super-cuntdom. 'Don't inhale' is what Big Blue is saying. That and dulce et decorum pro any fucking thing mori. Just fucking die already.

This is pretty reasonable. Human life is about evolution and economics and other such shite. Yes, God does still care about us and will show up for a real important Kurukshetra or Crucifixion or basket ball game or Spelling Bee or whatever. But there's better stuff out there.  So Big Blue's not showing up in your bed-room at 7.00 A.M every morning to chide you for turning off your alarm or lecture you for planning to call in with food poisoning or whatever is like a sign that all is well- not with the world, it's fucked- but some other planet in a better neighbourhood you get to move to after death. Or before, if you have ESPN.

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