Monday, 15 August 2011

'twixt two trees, Yashoda

 Tho' Eve's Beauty vengeful take
The Son from His Father
Must, Lord, thy distance make
My son yet farther?

Thy King's Evil is only this, that by supervenience
Scrofula necks with Bliss, to connect obedience,
For all but Rahul, thy Prince and Heir
Tho' mobled Queens die young and fair.

Add Maryam to Maya, Sita, as Earth's proletarian true
'Twixt two trees, Yashoda, yet after-birth is Rue
For, this one thing less, now, Ind's Zero lacks
Zombies fosters, Gita, thy lullaby axe!

Thou Prince of the Air! I can't curse save darn thee
Expel thy unco guid from the House of Gandhi!

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