Saturday, 16 April 2011

Gandhian economics- rape whistle or strategic incontinence?

Ethics, we all know, is that portion of Philosophy whose study enables good people to turn into evil little shits working a mischief more comprehensive than their pointy little heads have capacity to envisage. Gandhian Economics, being Ethical in motivation, has long been used as the equivalent of a rape whistle when talking about Development. However, in so far as it is effective against actual rapists- like Bill and Melinda Gates- it is by reason of the enormous amounts of vomit, urine and faeces that are simultaneously emitted making noisome the vicinity of all orifices in danger of imminent violation.
The question may thus be posed- is Gandhian economics a rape whistle or is it actually strategic incontinence? All Indian Discourse, as Ranajit Guha has pointed out, is merely the meretricious Methodenstreit that must arise in this connection.

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