Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beyond demographic transition- demographic senility.

India's prospects this century hinge upon it's having a normal as opposed to ageing demographics- the notion is that it will have more young people than China and roar ahead on that basis. However, there is another model- we might call it the Anna Hazare model based on his Utopian village- of the senile getting the kids to all have vasectomies, give up booze, meat, watching TV and simply hang around doing what they're told.
This represents a far more environmentally sustainable and cultural and bio-diversity preserving solution to India's problems. That and Shodh Yatras. Vasectomies first, then Shodh Yatras.  You heard it here first. India will boldly stride beyond demographic transition to utter and ubiquitous senility. Gandhi would be so proud.

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