Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Spivak and the Genesis of the Post Colonial Subject-

'Spivak, like Sen, is no leaden doctrinaire pundit but, being engaged in mere maidenly fending off of a historically inevitable Marxist deflowering, actually quite nimble and inoffensive in her affectation of meretricious Methodenstreit which might intimately seductive seem- as to a Jock a cheery cheerleader's mime of sucking Satan's cock, while Satan choose to remain unseen - so to excite that drunken old Noah, detritus of Capitalism's deluge, thus bringing to birth the episteme of the dark skinned Post Colonial Subject- by means, the Talmud tells us, of his own sodomy and (by reason of too rough a reach-around) castration at Ham's ham-fisted hands. '


Frankly, I think this sample of the sort of question they're asking at Common Entrance (Religious Studies) is just Political Correctness gone mad! I blame David Cameron. Well him and that other bloke. You know the one I mean. Kept going on about Sheffield during the debates. Whatever happened to him? Shifty looking feller. Probably ponced off to Australia or someplace they still have an Economy to ruin. Good riddance is what I say. They're all bum-boys you know.

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