Monday, 9 August 2010

Freedom as Development?

What is Freedom? It's what we have- as subjects/devotees of a State/Faith- and what everybody else conspicuously lacks.
What is Development? Well it's about the place of an economy on a time-line w.r.t adoption and innovation involving technological advances.
Combine the 2 notions- speak of Freedom as Development, or 'good' Development as being about more Freedom- and you have a teleology based on some overt or covert historicist essentialism.

Is it licit to speak of Freedom as Development? No, because Development does not arise from more Freedom nor more Development lead to Freedom- unless you cook the books after the fact.
What is the point of cooking books when, at this moment, hundreds of thousands are literally starving, hundreds of millions seriously malnourished and billions all over the world are too stoned to do the washing up?

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