Saturday, 7 November 2009

The transcendental turn in Pico Iyer and Roy Bhaskar- the globalized Theosophic soul

The Hindustan Times recently published an article about a growing trend for impoverished young men from the provinces to marry Japanese and Korean women and gain wealth by catering to the Buddhist pilgrim and tourist trade. However, the article failed to mention the case of Pico Iyer. I had contacted him to complain about poor quality idli sambar at a hotel in Bodh Gaya. He denied owning any such establishment. Probably, he was thinking I was just some illiterate fallow. Little did he suspect that, being a fan of Japanese Manga and RPG Anime, I was thoroughly familiar with the gruesome horrors of the Game-verse based on his 'Lady and'the Monk'. Hence, I was immediately aware of his deception. In any case, it is well known that 'Krishnan Iyer M.A- nariyal panee wallah was based on the young Pico who sold coconut water on Marine Drive. Nothing wrong in that. It is an honorable profession. But, due to for why  this gentleman is now giving himself such airs and graces I ask you? Frankly, all this globalization business- not to speak of incessant book publishing and other such godlessness- has gone too far. Mr. Pico, kindly see to improving idli sambar provision in your establishments. Thus alone is God served.
I notice that you, like Roy Bhaskar are descended from Theosophists. This excuses the 'transcendental turn' in your writing- however, kindly keep things in perspective. Idli-sambar must take priority!

Pico singing 'if I lift my lungi, you will see disco.'
Says it all really.


Anonymous said...

The term 'transcendental turn' does not refer to New Age spirituality but has to with an analysis of the underlying determinants of cognition in the style of Kant, Husserl etc.

windwheel said...

Dear Anon,
Ultimately the fate of being a paid tourist or theorist- recall 'theoria' originated in a type of priestly tourism- must involve 'tuirgen'- the positing of a soul or self or structure of preferences that is part of wider lattice or chess-board whose knight's tour defines spirituality, morality or some other such shite.
The fundamental mistake is to think ontology aint empty or that, by apoorvata, epistemology isn't a reverse ethology practiced by zoo animals on those who study them.