Sunday, 14 February 2016

Popatlal Mirchandani- true inventor of the light bulb.

In 1974, I was asked the following multiple choice question in my Junior Science Talent Exam
'Who invented the Electric Light Bulb?'
a) Popatlal Mirchandani a.k.a 'Lizard of Menlo Park'
b) Yao Bao Hu a.k.a 'Gizzard of Menlo Park'.
c) Thomas Alva Edison a.k.a 'Wizard of Menlo Park'.
d) Ancient Vedic Rishis a.k.a 'Blizzard of Menlo Park'.

I thought it was a trick question and put down (a) because Wizards don't really exist whereas Lizards do and are just as likely to be Sindhi inventors as anything else. The result is that I lost a valuable scholarship which reduced my life chances and reproductive success. Thus, literally billions of possible descendants of mine were denied a chance to exist.

There is still time to reverse this horrible outcome. By Law, Popatlal Mirchandani, a.k.a 'Lizard of Menlo Park' should be declared the true inventor of the Electric Light Bulb and my test scores in the Junior Science Talent Exam adjusted to reflect this.

Why is the Media focusing only on Woodrow Wilson and Cecil Rhodes? What about the genocide of my potential descendants brought about by the Establishment's refusal to credit Popatlal Mirchandani with the invention of the Light Bulb?

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