Thursday, 8 October 2015

Grothendieck in Ghalib 82

Tho' this plaint but ricks famine's sheaves above Aegypt's flooding woe
& only Echo grieves Yusuf's fetters the heart treasures to yet know
Ghalib's mirror-house black-holed by the Tyrant's lustration
Betters Her Metrical infold of Geometrical frustration

Vide Pritchett's 'Desertful of roses'.
bah nālah ḥāṣil-e dil-bastagī farāham kar
matāʿ-e ḳhānah-e zanjīr juz ṣadā maʿlūm

1) with/through lamentation/wailing, gather together the harvest/outcome of heart-binding
2) the property/wealth of a house of chains, except for sound/cry is-- 'known' [to be nothing]

bah qadr-e ḥauslah-e ʿishq jalvah-rezī hai
vagarnah ḳhānah-e āʾīnah kī faẓā maʿlūm

1) according to the capacity/spirit of passion is the {glory/appearance}-scattering
2) otherwise, the width/expanse of the mirror-house {is / would have been}-- 'known' [to be nothing]

asad fareftah-e intiḳhāb-e t̤arz-e jafā
vagarnah dil-barī-e vaʿdah-e vafā maʿlūm

1) Asad is beguiled/seduced by the choice/selection of the style/manner of cruelty/oppression
2) otherwise, the heart-stealingness of the promise/vow of faithfulness {is / would be}-- 'known' [to be nothing]


  1. Topological frustration might be relevant but this makes no sense

    1. you mean like in protein folding?

    2. You are right. I've changed it. Thanks.

  2. Difficult to understand.