Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Arundhati's Roy's heart of darkness

Roy is a high caste Indian. She says that whereas the West has protested the shooting of Malala by the Taliban it took no action re. the anti-Dalit Khairlanji massacre of 2006 which resulted in six Backward Caste men being given the death sentence in 2008 (since reduced on appeal to 25 years rigorous imprisonment).
Why did the West give publicity to 15 year old Malala and not to a 40 year old woman killed in Khairlanji?
The obvious answer is that the Taliban is the enemy of the West. We spend money on drone attacks to kill the Taliban. Since the Taliban tried to kill Malala and Western Medicine restored her to life- we are entitled to praise her and give publicity to her cause (viz female education albeit private not publicly funded education).
The Kunbi caste of Maharashtra, however, is not the enemy of the West. We honestly don't know the difference between a Kunbi and a Mahar and are indifferent as to who should prevail in a dispute over a quarter acre of land. The truth is, they are not concerned with us and we are not concerned with them.
Roy has a different theory- she says
'Surekha Bhotmange and her children lived in a market-friendly democracy. So there were no “I am Surekha” petitions from the UN to the Indian government, nor any messages of outrage from heads of state. Which was just as well, because we don’t want daisy-cutters dropped on us just be cause we practise caste.'

The problem with Roy's theory is that Malala lived in a 'market friendly democracy'. Pakistan has an elected Prime Minister, same as India. The same Global Corporations which operate in India operate also in Pakistan. The Indian State caught the people who killed Surekha Bhotmange and sent them to prison. Pakistan has not been able to do the same thing for Malala's would be assassins. So what? India hasn't been able to bring to book plenty of terrorists of various stripes- including Islamists and Naxalites and other such heroes of Ms. Roy's.
Roy may believe that America drops 'daisy cutters' on people who practice caste. It may be that she has seen a version of Apocalypse Now in which Marlon Brando was practicing Caste in Vietnam and so Martin Sheen turned up and arranged for daisy cutters to be dropped all over the place. Similarly, what actually happened in Nagasaki was that the Americans got wind that someone was practicing caste in that city- probably some high caste Bong like Rash Behari Ghose- and so they dropped a nuke on it.
Americans are well known for such behavior. Yet, they are refusing not just to nuke India but even to drop a few daisy cutters even though India is practicing caste! Why?

The answer is that Arundhati Roy is a market-friendly practitioner of Caste.  Not content with killing off the innocent Dalit lover of the protagonist's mother in her novel, she is now raping and massacring millions of innocent Dalits if not personally then vicariously through the Cash Nexus. Why? So as to get intellectual property rights over Ambedkar (who belonged to same caste as Surekha) and empower and enrich herself by exploiting the poorest and most vulnerable.
Other writers, no worse than her, don't like practicing caste. So they emigrate from India and quickly change their passport. Arundhati remains Indian so as to kill and rape Dalit people and boast about it in the Western Press.
Hai! Please Obama Mama, drop daisy cutter on Arundhati Roy due to she has become a Kurtz like monstrosity in her own 'heart of darkness'!

About author-
Vivek Iyer attends Holy Angels School & Beauty Parlor. He is 51 years old. When he grows up he wants to become a Cost and Management Accountant.

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