Saturday, 29 November 2014

Wisdom of Vivekananda- Sushupti & Amrita

' Awake! Awake! all ye who would drink of the divine nectar!'

Commentary- It is not advisable to drink something while sleeping. Better to wake up and then drink it. 
Objection- Divine nectar does not exist.  It can not be drunk by anybody. However, while you are sleeping you may dream you are drinking divine nectar. 
Counter-objection- If you are asleep and you wish to drink some divine nectar or alternatively take a dump in the ear of God or some such stupidity then why not wake up? 

Siddhanta,- Sushupti dreamless sleep, is the highest state. Hence, by 'Awake' , Swamiji means your sleep should become dreamless, not that you should wake up.

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