Saturday, 1 November 2014

Was Jean Paul Sartre guilty of killing Black Americans?

'A leftist intellectual is one who realizes that being an intellectual exempts him from nothing. He forsakes his privileges, or tries to, in actions. It is similar, I think, to what in the us you would call white-skin privileges. A white leftist intellectual, in America, I presume, understands that because he is white he has certain privileges which he must smash through direct action. Not to do so is to be guilty of murder of the blacks – just as much as if he actually pulled the triggers that killed, for example, Bobby Hutton, Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, and all the other Black Panthers murdered by the police, by the system.'34'
Sartre could have gone to America to deliver some lectures. Thus he could have been 'a white leftist intellectual in America' and 'smashed his privileges' through direct action. He failed to do so even though he himself admits that this made him guilty of shooting Black Panthers. But what motivated his crime? He said his refusal to go to America was a protest against the Vietnam War which was actually started by the French (though they soon upped and ran away as is their habit) for no good reason. But a direct result of this refusal was that he himself incurred guilt for the murder of Black American activists. What then is a suitable punishment for this crazy racist killer? Should we beat him to death with baguettes?
No, sayeth your modern Mahatma. Fucker was simply lying.  Drama fucking Queen behaviour.
Concentrate on pissing upon Bernard Henri Levy. Botulism alone is philosophy.