Thursday, 2 January 2014

American academics boycott Israel- Armageddon is at hand.

I read this in the Guardian-
'A prestigious US academic body has joined a growing movement to boycott Israel in protest at its treatment of Palestinians, in a move both welcomed and condemned in a bitterly divisive international arena.
'The American Studies Association (ASA), which has more than 5,000 members, is the most significant US academic organisation to back a boycott of Israeli educational institutions following a two-thirds majority vote. Around a quarter of members took part in the ballot.'
Would it surprise you to learn that you could be a member of this prestigious American academic body? Now I know very well that the vast majority of you people are pubescent Pakistanis searching for nude pics of Veena Malik and that you are all as ignorant as shit. Still you possess the only academic qualification necessary to join ASA as can be verified from their website.
Individuals: The ASA is open to all persons who have an interdisciplinary interest in American culture. Individual membership includes subscriptions to American Quarterly, the ASA Newsletter, and the Encyclopedia of American Studies Online. Membership is available for a calendar year only. Persons who join by October 1 will be enrolled for the current year. Those who join after October 1 will be enrolled for the following year. Dues are based on a graduated scale, according to income. International members are asked to ascertain their dues category based on the American dollar equivalents and to remit payments in U.S. Funds.
Institutions: The ASA is open to colleges, universities, museums, foundations, societies, and other institutions sympathetic to the aims of the association. Institutional membership includes subscriptions to American Quarterly, the ASA Newsletter, and the Encyclopedia of American Studies Online, plus discounts on association services, upon payment of $170 annually in July or September. A list of institutional members is published in each issue ofAQ.

I like watching 'Orange is the New Black' while drinking Bourbon. That's an interdisciplinary interest in American culture right there. What's more I like watching 'Orange is the New Black' on my Nexus & sipping Bourbon from my hip-flask while presiding over my local Girl Guide's jamboree. (Yes, I know, it was very racist of the dowager Lady Baden Powell to mistake me for a scalp taking Indian Squaw and appoint me Chief Inspector of Tomahawks for the Surbiton branch, but it still beat being buggered in the Boy Scouts). This means that my chapter of the Girl Guides can join the ASA because clearly its interest in American culture is interdisciplinary and involves scalping people.
Israel is trembling in its boots at the ASA's boycott of it. I personally have been boycotting Israeli academics- unless they are clearly mad and stupid, like Liah Greenfeld (except she isn't really Israeli, is she?)- all my adult life because them fuckers do totally Nazi stuff like 'research?' and shit. 
Strangely enough, the Universities which are now boycotting the ASA aren't doing so because, clearly, it is too easy for a vested interests to create bogus memberships to influence voting and secure a (relatively cheap) P.R coup, but because they believe in 'academic freedom' and their own right to run a Credentialized Ponzi scheme for Careerist Cunts with Shit for Brains.

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