Friday, 16 November 2012

Kapil Sabil's Ebay feedback

So, okay, the 2G auction was a flop. But- and this is the crucial question for high powered Economic theory- how does this affect Kapilji's Ebay feedback? The reason I ask is that I've bought the old Hugh Hefner style smoking jacket he put up for auction recently and it isn't marked as dispatched yet. My fear is that if his Ebay feedback turns negative and his rating goes down then his incentive to dispatch the jacket in a clean and merchantable condition- i.e. no boogers or used condoms in the pockets- is greatly reduced. After all, a bit more negative feedback from me isn't going to deter him. On the other hand, thinking about it, maybe that aint necessarily a bad thing. After all, that money the CAG tells us has been scammed off the Public must have gone somewhere. And there was me hoping for just some naughty pix of Shiela Dixit in the inner pocket...

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