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Arundhati Roy- as Casteist agent of Robber baron Capitalism

This is a link to Arundhati Roy's latest rant- it's a little more paranoid than normal and, unintentionally, an advert for a new Scheme of Narendra Modi's which my broker really ought to have called me about.

This bit is hilarious-

Armed with their billions, these NGOs (she means those funded by Rockefeller, Ford, Gates and so on) have waded into the world, turning potential revolutionaries into salaried activists, funding artists, intellectuals and filmmakers, gently luring them away from radical confrontation, ushering them in the direction of multi-culturalism, gender, community development—the discourse couched in the language of identity politics and human rights 

What fucking revolutionaries are these you are talking about Ms. Roy? Cowardly little cockroaches are a threat to nobody. 'Radical confrontation' is a confrontation which Radicals lose, unless they win, in which case they sell out cheaper than the last bunch of crooks. The Naxalites fuck over the tribals more thoroughly than Sab pe Zulum and hand over mineral resources at a lower tariff.
The reason rich people set up Charitable Foundations has to do with buying prestige- essentially a rent but one associated with status rivalry within their own milieu. However, that prestige also operates a barrier to entry. Essentially, after a certain point, even a successful thief has an interest in stuff like Civil Society, Property Rights, Judicial oversight and so on.
But they don't need to seduce 'potential revolutionaries'. People who can be seduced aren't 'potential revolutionaries' but 'potential canon fodder' or 'potential traitors'.  As for genuine Revolutionaries, history shows it is cheaper to let them be killed by their comrades especially because their bill for services rendered will only fall due after they get rid of the more expensive bunch of crooks you're currently having to deal with.
It is mid-level hacks, who didn't make it in the rat-race, who aren't mission-critical, working for organizations funded by the bien pensant rich, who coo and gush over 'activists, artists, intellectuals and film-makers'. But both types of parasite are wholly irrelevant, from the Socio-Economic point of view, and are merely engaged in a conspiracy to make each other feel important.

Everybody knows this already.
I suppose, if I were downtrodden and could get a bunch of guys to go kill for me till I get to be declared the Revolutionary Commissar of whatever- cool, I'd just do it. The reason I haven't is because I can't get a bunch of guys to go kill or rape or just plain steal for me- not me, obviously, I mean the Sacred Revolution which will purify our land which has been raped and sodomized and subjected to cunnilingus and like Narendra Modi was watching and taping the whole thing on his i-phone and then someone cut open its belly and dragged a foetus out of it and sang Vande Mataram or dunno like Valmiki Ramayana or something equally Fascist while sodomizing the said foetus, which was just quietly reading Noam Chomsky and underlining portions in the text and writing 'How True!' in the margin even though it was being brutally raped and sodomized and its belly was being cut open so a yet smaller foetus could be dragged out of it, and the person doing the raping and sodomizing and illegal abortion (due to the fetus was female) was receiving the Police Medal for Gallantry while simultaneous accepting the Magsaysay Award and like the Western Media was standing right there, I was next to them, and I said 'Dear Western Media see that sodomized foetus reading Noam Chomsky over there? Its belly is being split open. Will you not please please publish an article about this heinous misdeed?' That's what I said to them, and guess what? They turned around and said to me 'Sorry Ms. Roy. We have orders from Head Office. No negative reporting on India due to Indians are using money nowadays. Since people who use money get caught in 'cash nexus' they are agents of Capitalism. Hence we can't say anything negative about them- even though they are clearly Indians and not White at all. Have a nice day.'

Roy isn't an economist and so can't be blamed of falling far short of the high standard for reckless disregard for the truth set by Subramaniyam Swamy or Amartya Sen. Furthermore, reading her makes me bullish on Tatas and Essar and Vedanta and the Ambanis though in the case of at least two of them I have good reason to be very bearish indeed.
Has Roy been paid to thus boost Indian Corporates? Well, indirectly, I suppose she has. But only indirectly.
Stuff about the fundamental right to property, subsidiarity, transparency, good governance through proper mechanism design- the boring stuff- unfortunately is happening in India and it is unstoppable because every robber has a tipping point after which he turns into a Law & Order men. Well, that isn't true, but in aggregate its is. Nations have a tipping point. Nothing to do with 'Radical confrontation'. How is it radical to go to the Law Court to assert your statutory rights? Advocates have an adversarial relationship but no one is 'confrontational' to the Judge except in movies.

It is true that a bunch of second rate and politically irrelevant hacks, dilletantes, and poseurs make a noise about whatever shite Roy makes a noise about but- so what? Under her problematization, what, or where, is the countervailing power which makes her interessement worthwhile?

Me? You? We're supposed to take on the Ambanis? Fuck we're supposed to do? If Roy is right we should be cashing out gilts and betting the farm their scrip will rise.

This is Roy's compassionate charity upon Dalits-
Young Dalit scholars who accept grants from the Ford Foundation cannot be too harshly judged. Who else is offering them an opportunity to climb out of the cesspit of the Indian caste system? 
Ms. Roy- who currently is judging Young Dalit scholars harshly if they take a grant from the Ford Foundation? If it is a non-Dalit person of Indian origin, then I must tell you the judgement impugns not the scholar in question but the person making it. I don't believe any Dalit is saying that people from their own community should forego advantages availed off by others. After all, the Dalit scholar may study Engineering or Medicine or something useful rather than Post Colonial or Subaltern shite.

Bottom line- this lady is 'one of us'. Sadly I'm no longer 'one of us'. Casteist shitheads like Roy turn my stomach. For this ghastly sin, I bet the karma God will curse me with a penurious retirement.

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Where is the link to the essay?
I must say your Modi obsession is starting to destroy your sanity. How do you get Casteism out of her comment, I don't know.