Friday, 25 February 2011

Zorn und Zeit vs. Manyu and Manu

Apparently Peter Sloterdijk's name, by reason of some failure of Grimm's Law in relation to Aryan phonetics, can't- by the likes of me- be legitimately pronounced Poofter fucking-Media-asshole-dilettante-witless-Heideggerianly-Nazi-fucking-shite-dick.

I look to Prof. Michael Witzel, of Harvard, to correct this anomoly.

Meanwhile, what of this Shite-dick's Zorn und Zeit (Rage and Time)?

Does the Iliad in fact begin with Achille's rage? No.  His was a type of Manyu (dark anger- as arising from an injustice) not the thymotic fury of an Ajax.

The Mahabharata is the great Aryan text on Manyu. In the Gita, its epoche, Achilles and Arjuna's determination not to fight is traced to that variety of Manyu termed Vishada (depression).

Sloterdijk and Sazzarin and, now, fucking Angela Merkel- fuck youse guys, seriously, fuck you very much. The original German sin is Sinn.

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