Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New Indian copyright law causes your dick to shrink.

The amended Indian copyright law reduces price discrimination by permitting the import of lower priced books legally available in other countries into India.
The result, according to Publishers is that foreign text-books may rise in price ten fold.
It is because, in America, publishers argue that the import of cheap Indian editions would cause their dicks to shrink. Hence, since dick shrinkage is highly infections and American publishing dicks are constantly rubbing up against Indian publishing dicks, the Indian Copyright amendment act is bound to cause dicks to shrink all round.
This causes Indian publishers to argue that the new law may cause the price of foreign text books to rise ten fold because once your dick starts shrinking fuck you care about the price of foreign textbooks, that's your dick shrinking goddamit, you start babbling anything that comes into your head- fuck me, that's another centimeter I've just lost- won't William Darlymple or Gurcharan Das or somebody please do something, my dick is fucking shrinking for Chrissake!

What people need to understand is that if Publishing dicks start shrinking, it becomes the duty of fuckwits everywhere to speak out.

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