Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Trojan War as an allegory of mystic Love.

Conscripts to what her Creed demands, for War is a glorious game
Unflinching we, as Love commands, at our own hearts take aim
Which, beating but in Beauty's breast, our Achillean Arts defame
Till our pitiless necrophilias attest Penthesilea's nuptial claim

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Anonymous said...

Penthesilea = Panchsheela, the five principles of ethical conduct in Buddhism. It was the basis of Pundit Nehru's foreign policy as well as that of Sukarno as enunciated at the Bandung Conference.
Sex with the corpse of Penthesilea is basis of Non Alignment and Third World Solidarity and as such should only be indulged by I.F.S officers, members of External Relations Committee of Youth Congress, and nephews of Ministers of State.