Wednesday, 27 October 2010

English is now a Godess- amongst 'Untouchables' in India.

Finally, Indglish is coming of age!
We have our own Goddess now- courtesy of some activist Dalits (who were formerly called 'untouchables' by heaped piles of feces having the deceptive form of human beings) who are building a temple of black granite for 'Goddess English' in Uttar Pradesh. 

It is noteworthy that Lord Macaulay- whom Ivy League Post Colonial Magi and Subaltern Studies Shamen have been denigrating all these long years- is the object of gratitude, not calumny, by those for whom the elite has claimed to speak, thus securing themselves a place at the top table.

The fact is that, over the last forty years, official Hindi and Urdu have become- with all due respect to none whomsoever, except maybe Lenin Prize Winner, Abdullah Hussein who switched from Urdu to English- great steaming piles of shite.
Let the so called 'Forward Castes' carry this load of night-soil on their heads for a change!

I'm not saying Hindi is not Soteriologically superior when it comes from the heart and deals with true experience. I am not saying Urdu is 'un-natural' or not equal, if not better, than Englsih as a window etymologically opening on ancient, Socially Liberative, Greek and Hebrew thought.

 What I am saying is these dialects of officilaese- or meretricious advertising for  a type of feudalistic consumerism-  have become tools of elite oppression and suppression.
Because of the Bureaucrato-Academic Censoring and foreclosure of their range of expression 

By God- or rather by this new Goddess!- I am now officially an anchorite of Ambedkar's Hindutva.

Sarasvati Devi- as our new Goddess English- be propitious to me.
No! Slay me, your unworthy votary!
But, let my country grow strong.

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