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kranti ke pujari- worshippers of revolution

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Which poet wrote 'ban kranti ke pujari, siddhanth pe hatti/ bhar dil mein umang aur dimagh mein tatti"?

These lines from a film I saw on Doordarshan back in the 70's stuck in my mind for some reason. I thought it was from "Kranti' or some other Manoj Kumar flick from that period- but I recently reviewed my whole 'Mr. India' Video collection (I was transferring them to DVD) and couldn't find this song. Any ideas?
  • 10 months ago
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I don't think so this could be lines from any Hindi film. The meaning of the lines- if you have put it down correctly- is ' become the worshippers of Revolution, obstinate on your principles/ Fill your heart with hope and your mind with faeces.
This is not a correct sentiment and would never have been broadcast by the State T.V network in the 1970's.
Probably, you heard these lines in some College skit or humorous mushaira.
Furthermore, the language is not so much of movie type or literate usage. Maybe such type of sentiments were expressed by Right wing peoples or satirists like (the Madrasi) Cho Ramsvami.
However, relevance of the couplet can not be denied. True revolutionary should always engage in night soil clearing for hygenic environment. Also, from practical point of view, filling mind with faeces does facillitate rapid rise in political power. However, this is a matter of Ancient Tradition just as much as of Modern Revolution. Indeed, sampoorna kranti- total Revolution- Revolution as living Tradition- can only be achieved by these means. Smearing of cow dung ash on forehead is just outward show. True religion is to fill mind with ****. However, aim must always be to bring about total Revolution. As Bible says 'Meek inherit some earth'. So Humility is key.

Incidentally, Manoj Kumar starrer 'Kranti' only came out in 1981.
  • 10 months ago
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