Saturday, 9 January 2021

Maneka, Priyanka & pratiloma Shakti

A tape recording, purportedly of Maneka Gandhi abusing a 'Ramalingam' (which means 'Sign of Lord Ram') who dared defend his family against a dog, has recently surfaced. I am aware that Priyanka Gandhi too is reported as speaking in this vile and bullying manner- but is only to local people in the family fiefdom. 

I note, without further comment, that Maneka's father killed himself whereas it was merely Priyanka's father-in-law and brother-in-law, not any blood relative, who committed suicide. Still, both clearly have 'Shakti'. Sadly, it appears to be of a 'pratiloma'- inauspicious- kind. 

Indira Gandhi was well served by Kaula Kashmiri Foreign Service officers. The role of P.N Haksar has been much memorialized. That of M.K Rasgotra, less so. Why? There was an occult dimension, concerning 'things hidden from the beginning of the World', to Indira's last years. I was just old enough to overhear things which my lecturers at the LSE could shed little light on. But, precisely because I did not listen, that 'unthought known' remains legible to me.

To fully savour the irony of the Dynasty, so protractedly, dying nasty one must look at the role of Maneka Gandhi. Her entry into the family upset the astral dynamics- according to the 'traditionalist' view. Maneka's father killed himself, for her sins, her son will do the same. This is her 'prarabdha' karma as a 'pratiloma' shakti.

Her fate- one we can scarcely feel any great compassion for thanks to her hubris or bestial affinities- is ironic indeed. She turned her 'jhetani' into an 'pativrata' Queen Regent while destroying her own son's inheritance. 

The pity of it is that Varun- who has written an okayish book on the farmer's problems- might have saved the INC from the oblivion it has inherited thanks to the moon-calf Rahul. 

Maneka was not lacking in virtue or breeding or combativeness. It is foolish to blame a young person for what some elderly savants see in her horoscope. But her 'shakti' was 'pratiloma'- against the grain- because she was never ready to fight her own bestial affinities and inclinations. Herself, her own Circe, she is the polar opposite of Smriti Irani. It is a shame that she has brought down her own son- who, if the savants are correct, will kill himself as his grandfather did. Of course, it may be, his wife's horoscope alters this outcome. But can it? Maneka is being squeezed out of the BJP and, by reason of pratiloma, will take her son with her. Where? Into 'maru'- the desert where creatures die. Perhaps, like Sanjay's, Varun's death will be recorded as an accident. Perhaps not.

Sonia is the 'pativrata' daughter-in-law par excellence who, had Rahul not been a Moon-Calf, might have gone down in History as the uncrowned Dowager Empress of India. Maneka- already dismissed as a rabid dog for her pornographic expose of Jagjivan Ram's son- is now the antithesis of not just Ardhanarishvara but also Nirlajjishvara- as the foul mouthed champion of equally stray or rabid dogs. 

Thank God for Narendra Modi! Imagine a Kurukshetra with Maneka on one side and Sonia on the other! 

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