Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Baby Jesus, Thou migrant born, under the Red Sun of doomed Krypton

I was so attentive a student in Catechism class
How did this cataclysm come to pass?
Baby Jesus, Thou migrant born
Under the Red Sun of doomed Krypton

Must those who, Thee in Me, yet surmise
Be galled to recall we were once the same size
& as the Selfish Giant of our Common Past
View me alone thus aghast?

I hid my heart's horcruxes in whom to hurt none need
I am that Goliath saved in David's seed
Who to ward myself, not a mutual wound bewail
Became the hammer of Thy every nail.


Peace's Prince! Eve's umbilical so tolerates torsion
Thy Iyer's birth is my Messiah's abortion. 

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