Thursday, 15 September 2016

For Paul Murdoch

Here too is that Healing whose beginning was the Word
Helping Voice Hearers gain a Voice to be Heard
Whether treading the tight-rope or tumbling in free fall
Within each is the web, all spin to save all.

'To meet in combat' is the original meaning of 'to cope'
A war of attrition allowing its conscripts little scope
For mutual caritas. The baby-birthing 'Proletariat'
Set up only to war with 'Welfare's' Commissariat.

Tikkun Olam- Cosmic Repair- commences in a tick's nurture of tock
If Kairos is Beauty's camera, Parrhesia is its aperture & dock
Paranoia its own Wailing Wall- a perpetual Tisha B'Av
Metanoia, St. Paul, blither laughter at failing Love.

Prince!  The greatest tribute you will ever earn
Is just to live & Love, to its Lord, return

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Anonymous said...

Are you a theist, a deist, or an atheist? Or do you just hate labels and would go out with anyone as long as they have a good sense of humor?