Monday, 25 July 2016

Deepak Lal and the Hindu Crusoe

Why is Prof. Deepak Lal neglected by the Hindu Right?
I suppose the answer is that he subscribes to a pretty extreme version of the Aryan Invasion Theory according to which white Brahmins and Kshatriyas enslaved dark skinned 'Dasyus' who, naturally, had no incentive to increase productivity till they were brainwashed into becoming servile 'Shudras'.

South India, apparently, was spared White Kshatriyas but not White Brahmins who helped local darkies enslave their brethren thus proving that White people- even if they don't have any military power- just naturally end up top of the heap coz darkies like being slaves provided slavery is called being a 'Shudra'.

The great Professor Ernst Gellner discovered a way to keep those naughty Brahmins in their place. I'll let Prof. Lal tell you the story-

Lal is a Hindu. He was a member of the I.F.S and so received some basic instruction on Indian Cultures and Religions. He is not illiterate and has access to Libraries which have all the main ritual texts of the Hindus in translation.
Even if this were not the case, common sense should have told him that no ritualistic religion can survive unless a ritualistic means of purging pollution exists. For Brahmins, this consists of taking a bath- no great hardship in a hot country- and chanting a couple of mantras.

All the great Brahmin Rishis spent a portion of their time as 'Robinson Chatterjees'- i.e. they remained alone in forest wilderness performing all the prescribed rituals. Radhakrishnan, as Spalding Professor at Oxford, has no difficulty discharging all his ritual duties. He was not dependent on a dhobi or nai or ojha or any one else.
As a Hindu, there is literally not a single ceremony- including my own obsequies!- which I can't perform by myself. There is no sacrament for which I have to depend on some one else. Why? The answer is because the excuse of 'Apadh Dharma'- i.e. exigent circumstances- is sound Law.
Now, it may be that I am required to undertake some further purification or expiation to perform a particular office but that is a matter for a purely local 'Smarta Vicharam' which has no binding or universal force.
Why is Prof. Lal quoting the risible Gellner if not to make fun of his esteemed colleague? The answer is Lal has some stupid theory of his own-

So there you have it. The 'Great Divergence' between those parts of Western Europe whose ships girdled the globe and stay-at-home Indians whose maritime horizons had receded opened up because Indian Brahmins weren't as crazy and power hungry as European priests.

There is no Sacrament essential to salvation which any Hindu can't procure for himself. By contrast, the Catholic has to get baptism and confirmation and regularly confess his sins and receive 'the blood and flesh' of Jesus Christ in his mouth from a priest or else face eternal damnation.

Oddly, the 'Great Divergence' didn't end when Goa became Catholic. As its trade dried up, it became a backwater. No doubt, some evil Brahmins were responsible.

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