Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Verdict on Hymen.

Because, having perfunctorily checked I was dead,
 She robs and rapes me in the grave
The Judge pronounces us wed
So predictably do brides behave

& because Darwin descended 'fore Elijah came
Amidst alien corn let Ruth repine
'Take responsibility for what you tame'
The little foxes that spoil the vine

Tho' Jacob's eyes' nacre Joseph's prison
 & Joseph's seed is Jesus risen
My Canaan's Moon, soured so soon
Wine stints me Death's benison.


001 Ace Fire Dragon said...

Hi Sir,

This looks like it includes some parts of the Bible's Old Testament and also the New Testament. Is that true? Just curious.

And I've uploaded a new post after more than 2 months of absence due to other engagements still on.


I'm just taking life a bit easier because I don't want to overburden myself with too many responsibilities.

However, I'll do what I can to update my blog regularly.

Thank You.

001 Ace Fire Dragon / Iniyavel Sugumar.

windwheel said...

My parents were very concerned about my seven years of Shani- but now I have a son of that same age I realise that 'let go & let God' is the best philosophy. The heart is 'a fruit grown ripe on tears' and whether it is gained by circumambulating the Universe and gaining kevalya knowledge of all things or simply by calling to mind one's own parents and mentally circling their lotus like feet still it has this special property- there can be no fraternal rivalry in gaining it because Lord Shiva himself tells- fruit is that very Murugan who is represented as getting angry for not receiving it! I don't know if young people like you watch old movies like Auvaiyyar and Thiruvaliyadil- starring K.B Sundarambal. Your knowledge is much higher and you will go much further. What is good to know is that only the Lord preserves the perfect equality of all beings such that competitiveness, 'mimetic desire', envy, regret, such things are just 'lila' 'valiyadil'- divine play nothing more.

As you say, this poem refers to Bible & Quran. The Jewish people as well as the Christian Church are considered to be the bride of God. He reproves the Jewish people, through his Prophets, for having played the harlot and been unfaithful to him. The last words of the Old Testament say that if the 'hearts of the fathers are not turned to the sons and vice versa, then Prophet Elijah will return as the harbinger of God's wrath.
The word Hymen means Marriage. The Quran expands on the story of Joseph and Zuliekha and Jacob's longing for his son is a big theme in Islamic poetry.
God bless.

001 Ace Fire Dragon said...

Thanks a lot for a good explanation sir. My 7+ years of Shani were hard on my life in many aspects but it made me a mentally stronger person than I was 10 years ago when I was more successful. The initial years were hard to cope up, but eventually I got stronger. Now I realize that Almighty Shiva has left me with the greatest blessing ever, and that's his 14 Saathirams of Saiva Siddhantha, for which I never had deep interest at least till a few years back.

I watched KBS' films like 5 to 6 years ago. I don't remember them as much, but I sure love delving deep into Saivism and Tamil culture in general. I know that Murugan was a bit infuriated and went off to Palani, hence the name. Everything for God Shiva is a form of "lila".

001 Ace Fire Dragon / Iniyavel Sugumar.

windwheel said...

God bless you, young man. If ever I can be of help please drop me a line.
I was not born in India but, at age 3, father took me for mundan to Lord at Palanni (kuladevam on father's side), and only that helped me. My beloved appa was very broad shouldered and handsome- unlike me! But, instead of indulging in affairs as a Diplomat or becoming addicted to expensive whiskey or wine etc, he was such a humble and caring person- karma yogi.
My maternal grandmother respected him greatly for this reason.
I remember when we returned to India in 1974- time of great economic difficulty- father would take bus to office while leaving the car with mother so she could take employment as College lecturer. My elder sister- whom Daddy put priority on, as is right and proper, due to previous generation, under British, wanted to push down women to level of slaves because men were nothing but slaves with some official pomp- my elder sister had a delicate palate. I'm happy to eat anything. She was more discerning. Still, when Daddy decided to make us our School Lunch, it was I who refused to eat his horrible sandwiches (great man, but not a good cook!) or his rubbish chapatis! Sister said to me- don't throw away Daddy's food. Give it to me. I will eat it. I was amazed. Nobody could tolerate Daddy's cooking! But Mum relished his 'bed tea' because she saw this big man was paying highest tribute a husband can pay wife. Sister was deeply moved to see her handsome and broad-shouldered father showing such tender 'vatsalya'.
Big men don't care about 'gender roles'. But size is not what makes a man big. Hatred can make even a giant into dwarf. Vatsalya is the basis of Shakti and it makes weakest into strongest. Why should King Bali accept Vamana avatar's putting foot on his own head? Life and Death, Pleasure and Pain, Success and Failure- all are just ephemeral and outward form of inward and eternal Yoga.
Fist chapter of Bhagvad Gita is called 'Vishada' (Depression) Yoga of Arjuna. It seems, you too have fearless attitude. No need to hide anything. False friends will abandon you in any case. True friends remain. Lord is 'Mithra' not 'Mithak'.
God bless you. Don't strain there is plenty of time. I will always re-read your blog with pleasure.