Sunday, 12 July 2015

The truth about Greece.

Syriza is pro-poor, right?
That's why their ministers don't wear ties.
Yet 90 percent of the unemployed in Greece have no access to Income Support or Housing Benefit or help with Health costs.
If Syriza is pro-poor, why have they not made the E.U movement for 'guaranteed minimum income' the basis of their campaign instead of spouting dungeons & dragons nonsense about 'Global Minatours' and Cruel Step Mother Merkels?
Why is their no mention of universal unemployment and other benefits in their Thessaloniki program?
A previous administration announced of a roll-out of 'guaranteed minimum income' in some parts of Greece. Why did Syriza allow that initiative to wither on the vine?
A Greek barrister/ politician gives a cogent explanation in the Telegraph.

'The crisis of 2010 meant that Greece could not remain a member of the eurozone without opening up its economy and fixing its deep social injustices. Such reforms required trust, but there was none to be had. The governments of PaSoK and New Democracy largely balanced the books, but refused to destroy the privileges of the special interests that kept them in power. The government of Syriza also resists reform, ostensibly because of hostility to “capitalism”, but in reality because most special interests have switched their allegiance to Syriza as the real anti-reform party and the vehicle of a new cronyism. Hence, Syriza has done nothing to regulate the media oligarchs, open up the economy, or introduce meritocracy in the civil service. It even refused to introduce a universal unemployment benefit by way of a “minimum guaranteed income” as proposed by the EU.'

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