Saturday, 16 August 2014

Duryodhan Arjun ka land gand shyari

Some years ago I uploaded some of my books to the website. Ever since, they have faithfully informed me any time 'people searched for' me 'on Google.' and what's more highlighted the keywords with which these earnest seekers of knowledge stumbled upon my great Philosophical works.
Mainly the keywords indicated a Provincial, barely pubescent, desire for Spiritually improving Porn- '"master gita facking images" is a typical example'- but not always-  "which incidece made gandhiji to widrow his 'kiser e hindh power'" was clearly the work of Ananya Vajpeyi or Mithi Mukherjee or some other such blushful maiden of umpteen summers researching her next book for the OUP or Harvard's equivalent of the same.
Which brings me to today's keyword search- viz. ""duryodhan arjun ka lund gand shyari"- i.e Duryodhana's and Arjuna's (that is the two great antagonists in the Gita who respectively represent Thymotic and Theistic Religion) their penis, asshole poetry. 
Given that it was Bhima (who, from the metaphysical point of view, represents Magian 'artha' as Vedic 'Rta' i.e. vengeful Varuna which incarnates as the punitive servitude of Dualistic Theism- i.e.  Madhva, Vallabha & c)  who in a swimming pool wrestling match, broke Duryodhana's thighs, clearly the searcher-after-truth of whose existence so kindly informed me, wasn't your ordinary pubescent boy at some provincial Kendriya Vidhyalay BUT NONE OTHER THAN PURUSHOTTAMA BILIMORIA! Or if not him then Arindram Chakrabarti or some similar Hawaiian or Australian 'fusionist' of the sort that has my sphincter tighten by reflex- as should yours anytime Credentialized Brahmins are prowling around- coz otherwise we all end up getting buggered by the vast and coprolite turd Western psilosophy still extrudes.
To see why, we need to firstly take a refresher course in Luce Irigaray- the French Feminist Psilosopher Arindram has, inexcusably, read- and understand that like money is a dick which is why only men can pass money to each other- coz obviously men only fuck each other right?- even if they are actually thrusting into cunts coz cunts don't count coz they belong to women and women are totally shite. (Vide- 'this Sex which is not One') 
Look, I don't know if in a perfect world, Kurukshetra could have been prevented by like Arjuna and Duryodhana just consensually having a whole lotta butt sex.
My point is that in this case, Yoga is subordinated to Sankhya- i.e state of the Art Mathematics- for which Aumann Agreement is too an Open Question.

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