Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sankaracharya vs Sai Baba

As a Smarta follower of Sankaracharya, should I suffer the installation of an image or icon of Shirdi's Sai Baba in my family 'Puja' room or, more importantly, in the grand temple I have promised to build utilising the proceeds of your kind donations which I hereby solicit?

H.H., the 90 year old, Sankaracharya of Dwarka, who endeared himself to us by delivering a powerful slap to a too well-spoken reporter a few months ago, says- 'No. Sai Baba's mantra was 'Allah Malik'. He was probably a Muslim fakir and ate meat in his youth. Hindus should not worship him.'

This is a perfectly reasonable argument with some alethic or descriptive force. What it isn't, what it can't be, is doxastic or prescriptive.

Why? Adi Sankara broke the rules of Smarta orthodoxy by conducting his mother's obsequies despite having previously renounced the World. Without question, he and his lineage are authoritative (Acharyas) with respect not to Vyavaharika Dharma but its transgressive sublation.

What we have here is the Hindu version of an halachic ordinance- but one that is impredicatively 'halachah v'ien morin kein'.

Slapping reporters is contrary to our Secular Scientific Sittlichkeit, but I'd love to have been that reporter because News is shite, all Views are shite, only that cow is holy whose tail doth at us gadflies deliver a slap that's tight.
In this sense, there is nothing here to drive the news-cycle re. some supposed Sankaracharya vs Sai Baba mega-smackdown pitting trident wielding, cannabis smoking, Congress supporting, naga sadhus (naked monks) against deeply petit bourgeois voters for Modi or saffronized votaries of Uma Bharti.
Indeed, though Sai's deepest devotees at Shirdi saw that donations went up not down because of the Sankaracharya's seemingly senile provocations, they nonetheless, and not from a mere motive of patriotism, decided to just ignore him henceforth.
The Sankaracharya, too, in his reply to Uma Bharti, strikes, not a martial strain, but piteous chord whining about how like Sadguru Adi Sankaracharya don't got no Temples though them Swaminarayans' got plenty and what's more middle class cunts, like the worthless N.R. Iyer writing this, prefer to go to them hyper-clean and family friendly places and put their little pittance into Dualism's hundi coz to quote a Malyallee Christian poet- 'In the heart's collection-box, 'twas Thou dropped the button/We count sheep waking, thus dine not on mutton'.
Sankara, who refers to himself as 'thy Tamil child', is of course- for what is 'of course' is merely autumnal- only capable of creation by being joined to Sharada- thy studious dawn, my drunken dusk- and though the heart is but a tear ripened fruit, we faster yet circumnavigate its route, so thy infinite alterity, Ganesha, elder brother- keep safe our sleep twixt Father & Mother.

Anyway, now I've had my say on the topic of the day as indeed is meet coz, at least, on this street, I'm a leading Hindutva blogger- which is why all the Hindus round here have converted to Islam so as to prevent my drunkenly dropping in on them and trying to shuddify their aged grand-mothers with Ganga Jal & Glenfiddich- which would be cool except them old broads go easy on the Ganga Jal and, ever since the London riots led to the strict enforcement of licensing laws, getting after-hours Whiskey delivered is now as expensive in Acton as it has always been in Ahmedabad- & anyway, the point I'm getting at is that I am now, at least within this parish, the peerless Pundit of anti Muslim polemics, the sole Sanakaracharya of Seriously Sandeep type anti-'Sickular' Scription, not to say Fulham's foulest fuckwit & West Brompton's biggest bore.

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