Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New Warmonger- Mary Kaldor

The old type of war was wicked enough, but at least the old type of warmonger advanced obviously wicked reasons to go to war so the equation between war and wickedness was crystal clear.
Mary Kaldor, daughter of the not entirely crap economist, Nicholas Kaldor, is both a mendacious theorist of, and mongering activist for, a new type of war which she defines as 'a predatory social condition' in which 'Identity' usurps the place of State Sovereignty & Territoriality and 'production collapses and armed forces are sustained via remittances, diaspora fund-raising, external governmental assistance and the diversion of international humanitarian aid.'
In elaborating this concept of 'New War', is she pointing an accusing finger at the West's Romantic or Politically Rent Seeking indulgence of Paranoid, or Refugee, Identity Politics?
Is she condemning the sort of fuckwitted 'Civil Society' activist who thinks Che Guevara was Christ and Franz Fanon His Paraclete and that assorted bunches of bandits with AK47's beheading all and sundry are in fact the meek who should inherit the Earth?
Not at all.
Mary is a Professor at the L.S.E. She taught Dr. Saif Gaddafi  a course on 'Global Civil Society' as part of his MSc. Yet, very uncivilly, she refused to become his PhD supervisor just because the lad was as stupid as shit and got his dissertation ghost-written. J'accuse Mary Kaldor of being an Intellectual War Criminal. Not till everybody supervises everybody else's PhD in Global Governance can true Humanitarianism emerge so as to steer us towards an univocally Civil World Society in which every innocent little child can view the sodomized corpse of its daddy on T.V while itself awaiting trial for Genocide.
Mind it kindly.

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