Thursday, 11 April 2013

Derrida's letter to a Japanese friend.

 Octopus traps! Ink's synoglyph hordes in which I, Derrida, dream Izutsu

As Friendship's Timeless Sea Roads flee Holzwege's Eternal Rome
Hélas! Fart and the French Academy farts flatteringly with you
Shit yourself and stink forlorn all the long hayride home.

'Modern scholarship has shown us that in a region of the timeless East, a language reaching its own state of perfection is deconstructed [s'est deconstruite] and altered from within itself according to the single law of change, natural to the human mind,' Villemain, *Preface du Dictionaire de l'Academie*."
(Derrida- letter to a Japanese friend)

(See Basho's poetry. Apparently, Japanese fishermen lowered an array of clay pots into the water and then tipped them over on their side. Small octopoi crawled into these pots, thinking them safe shelter in the coral reef, during the bright carnivorous moonlit nights of Summer. Before daybreak, the fishermen reversed the orientation of the pots, probably by tapping an ipad app for switching from Landscape to Portrait, and then them octopoi were Sushi.)

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