Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Kavka's toxin vs Cocksucker's dilemma

   This is a story about two boys at a School in Delhi I almost attended. One said to the other 'Suck my cock and then I'll suck yours. Bahut maza aayega.' The second replied, 'you suck my cock first. I've never sucked cock so, if you go first, at least I'll know how it is done.' The first countered by saying, 'I too have never sucked cock. Since we are both novices in this field it follows that whichever of us is the first to suck cock will subsequently receive a greater benefit in the shape of a superior blow-job by reason of an expanded joint information set leading to improved choice of technique- i.e. there is a first mover advantage.'

   Amartya Sen, who did a PhD at Cambridge on 'Choice of Technique' before coming to the Delhi School of Economics, thus persuaded, commenced sucking Manmohan Singh's cock with vim and vigor.

   Predictably, the wily Sardar, whose PhD from Oxford was on Indian export performance, refused to reciprocate on the grounds that Cocksuckers suck the cocks of Real Men whereas no Real Man sucks the cock of a Cocksucker. The corollary is that India should only Liberalize its economy if it continues to handicap its manufacturing sector . This is because Manufacturing is quintessentially tradable while Services are inherently less so and thus can't catalyze sustainable export-led growth.

   Sen left India with a bitter taste in his mouth and took his revenge by praising Rahul Gandhi's intelligence and sponsoring a Nalanda University in Bihar which refuses to budge from New Delhi. Manmohan Singh, on the other hand, quietly became Prime Minister.

  My question to you is whether 'Cocksucker's dilemma'- as opposed to Kavka's toxin, as I suggested in my last book- is not more fundamental to elucidating Indian Social Choice's ongoing Concurrency deadlock?

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