Monday, 31 October 2011

Dawkins vs. the Easter Bunny.

News just in- famous Atheist Richard Dawkins will debate cute Easter bunny rabbit-William_Lane_Craig-  at Oxford!

Richard Dawkins as he might look to Americans if he weren't an Atheist.

 Richard Dawkins as he might look to British people if he weren't an Atheist.

God's You Tube video showing how Dawkins evolved not from a monkey but an angel.

True, Dawkins won't be there- he incarnates the Deus Absconditus better than my plumber- and by dint of his non-presence will win handsomely by default.

It is well known that the power of the Easter Bunny rabbit declines as one approaches Christmas but waxes great after that.

Dawkins, being a nautralist by profession, knows this only to well.
What, however, of the charge that the Easter bunny rabbit condones genocide? Can this be true? No, sorry, Dawkins, what the Easter bunny rabbit condones is God commissioning genocide coz, li'l thumper believes, if he don't condone God fucking innocent people up then God will smite him with a smiting.

Dawkins is just being plain cruel and unkind to Easter bunnies. Next, he'll say there's no Santa.

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