Saturday, 5 March 2011

clientism vs. consumerism

I think it was Mahatma Gandhi who said 'The Earth produces enough to satisfy every man's need for clients, but not enough to satisfy the greed of even a single of those clients if they start to think like consumers and realize that they're paying through the nose for shitheads like me and you to patronize them, therefore we must all condemn consumerism and eating nice things and wearing nice clothes and medicines which actually work and other such godlessness because  it is just not environmentally sustainable- people like you and me would go fucking extinct if we don't all work together to fucking squash this consumerism business right now.'

President Kennedy, on the other hand, said in his inauguration address 'Don't you be fucking coming to me now I is Pres. saying 'what can you do for me?' That's not the fucking question you should be asking yourself. Ask instead ' what can I do for the Pres. now he dun got himself elected and owns the country and gets to fuck anybody he wants to in the ass?'"

This is the very simple message we should be getting across to our youth today. Obviously, by youth, I mean Rahul Gandhi.


Yayaver said...

Last line rocks !

Shiela said...

So- world and life denying 'morality' as the alternative to Girardian mimetic desire eh?

I was reading recently about Nietzche's vegetarianism of which Wagner disapproved. Wagner is also claimed as a vegetarian hero- though he ate meat because of his poor health- and inspired Shaw and Hitler and so on.

This is the article- someone should write something on Vegetarianism and the Will to Power.
Oh! just occurred to me- Shaw did nothing else!