Saturday, 13 March 2010

Reserved seats for Women

The argument for reserved seats, in the Indian context, is based on the doctrine of natural inferiority. Furthermore, natural superiority is held to always lead to the oppression and exploitation of the inferior.
The following groups claim natural inferiority
1) Muslims- that Hindus are naturally superior in Modern Education and Muslims would fall behind unless given reserved seats in Parliament and the Civil Service. No evidence for this exists.
2) 'Backward' Castes- Educationally backward castes are naturally inferior to 'forward' castes by definition. Once again no evidence for this exists.
3) Women- naturally inferior, despite recent successes in Crime and Hooliganism. No evidence what so ever.
4) Everybody else.

Society did impose an inferior status (nothing natural about it) upon certain groups. However, reservations for such groups should have a 'sunset clause' if for no other reason then to concentrate its beneficiaries' minds on tackling the underlying problem in a timely manner.

Are reservations a good idea? Absolutely. Is the doctrine of natural inferiority true? Sure.
The one is a necessary and sufficient condition for the other.

In the field of Indglish literature, we have the example of Indrani Aikath Gyaltsen, awarded glowing reviews by Paul Kafka on the basis of 'aesthetic affirmative action'.

I predict a further plummeting in the gender ratio.

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