Saturday, 20 February 2010

Stanzas on a senile passion

Ever to know you was to love you but now to love you is to know
 Tears are bitter waters till they mingle and the years melt like snow
Two Winters warmed our kisses, may such kisses our Winter warm
That tho' a stricken bird, to this blizzard World, our Love the Heavens storm

Did 28 years really pass between one kiss and the next?
28 years redacted so Love rede its own text...
I still see the same girl, do you see the same boy?
Thou Egyptian Helen to my heart's burning Troy!

Please don't disturb me- I'm working now
Well... thinking of you, anyhow
My work so vital- please don't text me
Just typing your name so has vex't me...

More sublime than the Sanskrit psalms I heard when young
Is my transfixt delight in your Hellenic tongue
Which, in the House of Night, is more than Parmenides Wise
 Till our Symposium shifts to twixt your thighs!

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