Friday, 15 July 2011

Mumbai bombs a Hindutva ploy? Failed Journo- Sandeep- looks seriously guilty.

This is the Kannadiga dipshit, but also deeply dangerous ideologue, Sandeep, on the Mumbai bombings-

Happy Diwali!

He wishes Hindus Happy Diwali because innocent people have died? This is blasphemy. This is incitement to racial hatred .The cunt will be prosecuted. No he won't.  Someone will cut off his head.

But what did this worthless cunt mean anyway? Diwali is a contraction of Deep-avali- festival of lights which happens way later in the year.
 It seems this lethargic Kannadiga blogger got ahead of the curve, news wise. Or that he thought it was all just so peachy- all his Christmases had come at once.

Still, 'Happy Diwali ? The day after people died in a bomb attack? Really? He actually said this?

Yes. Twice.

And he was cheered on by his  claque or sociopaths, of  whom he recruits more through his blog..

Sandeep is a pile of shit, and shit attracts flies.

What can  I do, what can you do- how stop this menace not to Muslims in India only- this fucker thinks Christians are a worse threat for backed by America-  but also Hindus wherever Muslims are more predominant?

Well, I guess I could say-'Sandeep,  tell me your address, it will be our little girlish Secret- you wear your teddy and...I will personally smash your  fuckin face in.
You and all you fucking genocidal anti-Muslim shites.

Or, maybe, the fucker and his family just goes up in flame and dies.
Act of God.

A consummation devoutly to be ,,,

Vivek Iyer's own position
India is a safe country for Islam. So is England. So is America. You fucking cunt, Sandeep, you have said this was your Diwali- your festival of lights- YOU TERRORIST BASTARD YOU WISH US HAPPY DIVALI FOR THIS! People dead. Innocent people injured? Fuck you! You will be brought to Justice.... urm... eventually coz u probably live in  Butt Fuck India and people down your neck of the woods are as crap as you and so on.
No wonder  this Kannadiga dipshit aint worried.

Karnataka is some fucking genocidal shithole where fuckwits like Sandeep get to gloat over 'Divali fireworks' in which, at least, his own people not lost but gained.

He tells us 'Happy Divali!'  For him and the evil, by so called Hindus financed,. bastards who committed this crime, this was just fireworks! No suicide bomber. Just fireworks.

Hence Sandeep's ' Happy Divali!

Rahul Gandhi said to the Americans- these shitholes are a bigger threat than the Naxals or the I.S.I.

I agree.

Sandeep, the famous Hindutva blogger, actually said to us 'Happy Divali' because he was so pleased about this supposedly Islamic attack on Mumbai to which he responded a little too quickly to be credible.

Who will investigate this little shit and his groupies? Oh. Right. No one.

I guess, Sandeep will be wishing us a lot more Happy Divalis.

Verb sap, Sandeep,  You and your Terrorist friends gonna get it.
I will never permit the sort of genocide against Muslims you have in mind.

Happy Death and Torture Day  to you  you vile cunt.


Anonymous said...

True. This guy was probably praying for something like this to happen. His triumphant glee makes him no different from the people who planted the bomb.

But what's with the blanket Kannadiga hate?

windwheel said...

@Anon- Kannada is a great spiritual language so anyone who knows the language but makes a career of hate mongering is a sort of double dipshit. Probably should be phrased better.